December 10, 2019

Smart Devices, Bio Metrics – A Challenge To Technological Infrastructure

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Ware all living in a world where digitisation of an individual’s identities has frequently been covered under the umbrella of ‘SMART DEVICES & ’BIO Metrics’. Almost every new age device that is getting designed to be tagged as ‘smart device’ comes as a Bio Metric operative device. Your phones will unlock by capturing your finger print, apps stored on your phone will log you in using your retina scans, your identity cards issued by agencies store your finger prints.  Now let’s ponder over thoughts through the reality – what if entire world knew about each of our individual digital identities. In a way, this can help us collect our thoughts to realise if we really need it in the name of convenience?

If centralisation of Bio Metrics for authentication were to be an answer to ‘short term convenience’ – just assume you are in for a journey to horror island!!  Centralisation of Bio Metrics Data to the world is such a nightmare in today’s world, given the intrusion capabilities being built by technologists (intruders in name of open source) everyday – it’s been a silent revolution that is seeing a rapid progress. It’s time we had a collective & clear thought to understand – do we need in the behest of ‘convenience’.

Indeed there are 2 aspects to this digitisation phase we are seeing in the world – on one hand starting from phones, cars & almost every other appliances we are using in our daily life to any complex devices we are all making it biometric operative & storing the data most often on devices or shared servers in the name of ‘cloud’. On the other hand we are talking about possibilities for centralisation of the same bio metrics to address ‘Convenience’ as a factor –  honestly that’s a deadly ask! Commonly used digital identities such as –  fingerprints, facial patterns, voice, retina scans & collective probabilities of these – are all done & dusted by devices in the name of Smart Devices in the hands of everybody. So using technology to address ‘convenience factors’ should be a very thought out & should be a bi-product of extensive research!

Also in the hindsight – it’s “‘Open Source’ of every thing” that is driving the “Internet of everything” (IOT) phases all across the world. Every patented Software/ technology is being challenged by disruptive challenges by ‘Open source’. So this way inventions / intrusion capabilities are being parallelly inducted into technological infrastructure everyday at a scary pace. Innovations when accepted & patented becomes ‘Invention’ else it becomes ‘intrusion’.  Excellent example of this is Android. Developers on Android platform are like the street vendors of India who are the real innovators of all things when it comes to inventions in artificial intelligence space.

Indeed world has come to a stage where even in the field of medicine nobody wants Analog – they want it all Digital for diagnosis. Imagine we are talking about Bio Metrics as unique identity of human’s & in the pretext of medical treatment everything in our body is getting digitally tagged – right from Radio graphics to DNA’s. I remember reading a law suite in a country where even digital DNA’s were used as an an evidence!!!!!  As a result this is to convey  – Introduction of Bio Metric for convenience should be done only when – Research is done to the power of rocket science – (research)^rocket science.

–    Article by Suman Adithya Rao (SEBI Certified Research Analyst, Management Graduate in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management)
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