February 19, 2019

About Suman Adithya Rao

About Suman Adithya Rao:

I am an independent stock market consultant based out of Bangalore City, India. A SEBI Certified Research Analyst & Management Graduate in ‘Entrepreneurship’. My earlier professional engagements included – working for JPMorgan Chase (Investment Banking – Derivatives & Fixed Income desk), Tesco (Retail Planning & Analytics), Hewlett Packard (Channel Sales Modelling). 

Been an active derivative market trader over the last 15+ years & i take leveraged ‘day trades’ and ‘Multi day’ positional trades – based on how best opportunity presents itself. I wish to make it clear that i do not manage any funds or care take personal portfolio’s. I consult traders & investors, to mentor them to have a clear understanding of the ‘stock markets in general’ to start with & guide them to build upon ones own individual skill sets to gradually analyse a ‘stock’ or an ‘industry sector’ by applying various perspectives with a better rationale. This practice will eventually help you to independently build stronger portfolio of stocks – by being better at your own judgements to analyse stocks fundamentally & technically.

I would appreciate your understanding, to know neither do i personally nor do i professionally offer any advisory services to give stock calls on daily basis. In Brief – Consulting should help you – To Get familiar with stock market, understand what it takes to stand real chance of hitting a winning trade and with consistent effort one must take winning probability to 60:40 (60% winning) & gradually aim towards making it  70:30 (70% winning). It is to get to this level of stock market wisdom, one needs support of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, information from books & other informative mediums – and i can help you build this gap with my experience in stock markets. 

A few words on consulting:

I take about 2 consultations a day on week days – hosted evening times, each consultations lasting for about 90 mins. Weekends i take 4 consultations each days. Being natural conversant & into consulting for a brief period has made me realise – it usually takes at least 30 mins for people to get comfortable & setup a pitch to re-coup themselves to get their queries answered. Quicker & sorted you are – about the clarity you need on your approach to stock markets – more helpful or easy for us to engage in a conversation & take the talk forward.


Most often i do not entertain live Video consultation requests especially for stock market beginners for the same reason. Nothing can replace a face to face conversation – it leaves a true sense of understanding to my clients & to me – it gives me a satisfaction of being understood. 

To build any possible gaps in understanding – i give my clients an option of ‘Telephone Consulting’ post 15 days of face to face consulting, so that they can clear doubts if any – this would help in setting the right context, to implement their learnings out of stock markets. 

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