June 30, 2020

Tune Yourself For Successful Entrepreneurial Journey

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1> Master degrees / finest education – don’t guarantee success of an entrepreneur. It’s the learnings derived out of learnings & intelligence derived out of experiences in life is something that will stay with you forever. Stop sitting on credibilities of education, instead put your learnings out of education to use. At the same time – poor sense of learning out of every situation due to ‘no formal education’ is equally bad & doesn’t place you into the success league. Learning is an exercise – sometimes its found in education, while sometimes it’s found in ’situation’ that you experience.

2> Saying ‘Yes’ or ‘NO’ or  ‘I don’t know’ are beautiful choices of life, learn to use them skilfully. This includes saying Yes/No to yourself & to others. Always know that saying – ‘I don’t know’ doesn’t always put you to ridicule but instead opens up your horizon to understand something new. You may never know – how learning that one new ‘trait’ could turn out to be a trump card for success in your business.

3> Put your credibility to test when the situation permits & not always. Get some consensus – to understand perspectives of your peers in your business & do some mind mapping whom you think is approachable at times of crisis. Crisis could be both emotional or financial, for building up will to succeed you will need to be stronger in managing both these aspects. Pl – Having said this, learn to time the situation to get a learning out of it – don’t keep asking for help with very poor intent, it will back fire.

4> Make it a constant practice to learn to de-stress yourself by being occupied with something other than usual business. This will put your conscious mind to rest. Remember most strategies in life are derived when you don’t think about them but instead when your mind is occupied at something unusual.

5> You are the first brand ambassador of your product & your business comes next. Your attitude, your charisma, your natural traits – these are the noticeable things which most people relate to primarily. People think of you first & then later recall businesses you run – so you are the brand & how you shape up yourself reflects your business style.


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6> Integrity – this is more of a state of mind – to be truthful to yourself & others. Even most impossible business challenges can be achieved by being truthful & endorse your leadership qualities to others by example. There are times when you need to rely on somebody else’s judgement of a certain situation & creating an environment filled with integrity makes it easier to achieve your overall business success.

7> Having the mindset of an ‘opportunistic business man’  is good but always know when it is too much of yourself that it starts becoming an obsession to be self centric. Learn to call out this attitude for yourself, even before somebody serves that to you in a plate – in your honour.

8> ‘Gratitude’ or ‘being grateful’ or ‘being appreciative’ – is a state of mind. It’s an experience by itself which can be achieved by constant practice by exercising your mind by way of Meditation or some kind of conscious application. Like most renounced guru’s usually say – ‘Being Grateful’ is also a Yoga, as it endorses your state of mind for being at peace with yourself. Being genuine about your thoughts & appreciation of others – is  like your first level of karma. Ultimately you only reap what you sow – You reap genuineness & you will for sure get them back.

9> Charm / Socialising skills – is like a beautiful ornament which you should always learn to wear it on your sleeves. You can learn that etiquette only doing something else other than what you regularly do. For ex – dancing, playing an instrument, games.. You get a sense of satisfaction / encouragement by doing these & these will naturally add ‘Charm’ to your personality.

10> Stop being obsessed of having like minded people around you. Critical people are equally important for your success but you should develop a habit to learn – how to accept critics & work on them. Learn to treat them as ‘god sent’ opportunity disguised as road blocks which will help you in building a stronger character. These are the ones whom they usually say – ‘tough nut to crack’ types. So critics helps you to get there.

Lastly know that ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ , CONFUSION  – these are all somebodies experiences of a situation. Don’t take these words seriously – unless you have experienced those situation first hand & have lost the willingness to try again. Get the right calculation to push your self that extra mile to convert challenging situations to opportunities ahead of others. 

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–    Article by Suman Adithya Rao (SEBI Certified Research Analyst, Management Graduate in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management)
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