April 17, 2020

Accurate Data Collection is a primitive step to fight Covid-19

I am a certified research analyst by profession & would want to stress on few behavioural factors which needs to be thoroughly driven to combat Covid-19. We will need to emphasise & drive a very strict behaviour internationally with the way Health care workers are documenting DATA while treating Corona infected patients.

Data collection needs to be accurate data on every single thing about patients, their deaths & recoveries. When data is accurate, you can spend less time cleaning the data & get more speed on analysing the data, come up with common factors with data & come up with relevant analytical hypothesis on how best we can battle the disease.

If data is inaccurate at initial stages of capturing, this reduces the efficiency of all studies & doesn’t give any leading indications. We just not only loose time in arresting the spread, but also loose most important data which caused the spread & handicapped in efforts to progress to further the disease.

With this we can easily come up with studies to say – which blood group is more prone to these diseases, which age & what kind of people with prehistory of medical diseases are more prone, analyse stages of infection & make drugs to counter disease at every stage rather than testing medicines when disease itself is diagnosed at very later stages. We will be crippled with failure in diagnosis & drugs, when we delay your introspection about the disease itself.

Proposed Solution – Health Ministry at the centre can drive this effectively by creating a centralised repository of this data, sent to  by respective health ministries of state – end of day – every day without out fail. This will lead to better assessment of data by Centralised team of best doctors in the country, along with ‘data interpretive scientists’.  I am certain careful analysis by this team of people can prove to be ‘intelligent centre of excellence’ for the entire country & the entire world. At times of so much panic all round, organising these parallel activities is the key to get one step ahead of time, disease & panic.

Request if an awareness about this could be created in the minds of everybody to help counter the disease.

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