December 9, 2019

Future Of Organised Jobs In Software Engineering, BPO Amidst Wave Of Artificial Intelligence & Key To Being Future Ready

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We all know ‘change’ is the mantra of every industry & is part of every business cycle. Factors that drive change should always be treated with equal importance to predict the future trends.

A career in Information Technology is the most sort after & has been an aspiring field for most of the graduates who consider it to be a milestone most often. As one goes through this channel of transformational journey from being a ‘software engineer’ to its other diverse contemporary career paths, adaption to changes in technological operating cycles of business – certainly becomes a factor.

As a common man living in the present day, we all know how technology has been defining our lives. Almost every repetitive work done by us, is being taken over by machines who can do it with 100% accuracy & definitely 100% more productively than us. Talking about the progress of artificial intelligence, let’s understand how jobs in technology are undergoing a huge sea of change due to AI.

Most scripting languages which used to be flair for job seekers are now being over shadowed since the introduction of content management systems (CMS). We are bracing up to a stage where, we no longer need stereotypical codes written by software engineers, CMS system have been so beautifully designed to interpret any logic in any scripting language of the choice of the code designer. So that way – it’s only ‘logic’ & ‘people required to define logic’ that will take centre stage & not the people with scripting code skill sets.

Same applies to careers in ‘Application support’ across business verticals. Most ‘User Applications’ these days are so being developed in a way that you don’t need people to monitor alerts & then analyse discrepancies. Moment there is a mismatch – an alert is recorded & it is simultaneously classified which business vertical needs to pitch in based on their  skillsets. So every business vertical’s capability skill sets are mapped / predefined & the alert case automatically falls under their bucket to be analysed. Issue gets fixed in lesser turn around time & with no reason for pass overs by business teams. Given such dynamic business scenario’s one needs to master business sense of applications & also have thorough understanding of ‘users’ of the respective application to stay on top of business & avoid being a stereotype.

Adding to this scene, we must realise that most frequently & widely used technologies in the market are open source software technologies which paves way for more dynamic changes unlike patented technological platforms where ‘change’  comes after layers & layers of R&D protocols and most times it takes several years to change. Open source softwares is clearly seen as the next disruptive force that can challenge the existence of sort after patented technologies.

Another example of dynamic shift is the role of ‘data entry operator’ in most ‘process outsourcing’ field. This role has gone through a sea of change, now there is no need to enter data manually – as data is digitally captured at source, there would be a need only for ‘Data Analytics’ to analyse & interpret the data in front of you. Likewise even tools used for Data Analytics are undergoing rapid change with so many ‘open source’ tools available at one’s choice based on an individual’s understanding of the data & how it needs to be presented.

So as a job seeker it becomes important for one to pick skill sets based on basic understanding of business they are catering to & which industry he/she aspires to get into. If your aspiration is to become a software engineer don’t just stop at learning ‘how to use’ the technology, learn to analyse how technology can be used to solve a given business case & progress towards interpreting logic behind it. If your aspiration is to get into field of ‘Analytics’, don’t just stop at learning ‘how to use’ analytical tools instead actively seek towards a path to find a way to understand your data better & discover ways how analytical tools can help you highlight a business case.

End of the day, don’t become a stereo type individual who is a soft target of AI – whose job can be very easily interpreted by Artificial Intelligence & become a case of take over.

–    Article by Suman Adithya Rao (SEBI Certified Research Analyst, Management Graduate in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management)
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