February 19, 2019

Suman Adithya Rao Consulting – Structural Format


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Structured Course Designed Specifically For Beginners (Stage 1 – Stage 6):

Stage 1: Basics of Stock Market & Investing Level 1:

  1. Why do companies Opt for IPO  & how IPO works?
  2. How index moves impact a particular sector, what should be considered/not considered, prime indices & sectorial indices. 
  3. Why stock prices move?
  4. How to pick stocks?
  5. Difference between Equities & Derivatives (F&O)
  6. How Monetary Policy work?
  7. How Fiscal Policy work?
  8. How interest rates are changed and why this is crucial to understand for successful portfolio building. 
  9. Cyclicals of markets. 
  10. Impact of local news & Global news / Sectorial news & it’s impact on individual stock.


Stage 2: Basics of Stock Market & Investing Level 2:

    1. How to create your portfolio
    2. How to manage a portfolio 
    3. How to Hedge your portfolio
    4. How to pick mutual funds
    5. Identify crucial catalysts (timed events) in order to know when the optimal time is to buy or short a stock.
    6. How do you asses risk from company’s point of view ?
    7. Why & How do you need to value companies 
    8. Trading Psychology & it’s impact. 


Stage 3: Data Collection & Applied Analytics:

Finding Data – Know where to get data in order to build a financial model (in depth understanding of identifying and using/navigating the best free websites and sources to build your financial model)!

Stage 4: Analysing Fundamentals & Technicals of Stock Markets:

  1.  Fundamental Analysis.
  2.   Value companies using several different valuation methodologies by way of key Financial Ratio’s.
  3.   Technical Analysis.
  4.   Understanding Moving Averages, Charts & using statistical overlays to analyse price movements of stocks.

Stage 5: Holy Grail:

  1.  Types of Portfolio’s
  2.  Aggressive portfolio
  3.  Conservative portfolio
  4.  Moderate portfolio

Stage 6: Introduction to World of Investing:

Brush your knowledge through exclusive online courses on m0ney.in & Ask Questions (within 15 days from Consulting date, with prior appointment at-least 2 days before the chosen date):

  1. Analyze and understand – Equity Market & Its Terminologies.
  2. Analyze and understand – Basics of Profit & Loss Account.
  3. Analyze and understand – Basics of Balance Sheet.

Topics which we may not discuss:

Tax Saving Investments, Which mutual fund to invest, Which stock to invest, Daily / weekly stock calls, Care take/maintain your stock portfolio, Wealth Management, FD rates offered by banks, Comments on Politics…

Course Cost:

Stock Market Basics

Stage 1, Stage 2 – Optionals Stage 5, Stage 6 (unguided). Session Duration – 1.5 hours – 2 hours
Cost – 2,000 Rs INR


Stock Market Advanced:
Stage 3, Stage 4 – Optionals Stage 5, Stage 6 (unguided). Session Duration – 2 hours
Cost – 2,500 RS INR

Stage 6 (Guided Session):

Session Duration – 1.5 hours.
Cost – 1,500 Rs INR

NRI Investment Consulting:

Guided session exclusively for NRI’s which covers – explanation on benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds in India, Procedures, Basics of NRI taxation principles, guidelines on fund houses that accept NRI’s Investments as per FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)
Stages & Stage fees mentioned above remains the same
Cost  2,000 Rs INR


Note: Stage 6 you can choose between guided & unguided sessions based on how comfortable you are. Unguided sessions – you can go through the courses manually & clear any doubts you may have on phone with in 15 days from date of consultation. Alternatively you can choose guided session for Stage 6 – which are guided with example based face to face interaction to effectively learn & implement.


General Consultation For Intermediates With General Familiarity Of Business & Stock Markets:

General Consulting Format:  Cost – 2,500 INR

  1. Fundamental Understanding of listed companies in stock markets.
  2. How index moves impact a particular sector, what should be considered/not considered, prime indices & sectorial indices.
  3. Fundamental understanding of stock price moves.
  4. Fundamentals of F&O markets & its implications on general.
  5. Technical Market Corrections vs Individual support/resistance price moves.
  6. Keeping track of specific announcements made by the company to exchanges – BSE / NSE.
  7. Generally followed best practices to maintain statement of accounts from Tax perspective, cross checking executed trades & healthy practices of book keeping for personal purposes.

Day Trading Consulting Format:  Cost – 2,500 INR

  1. Understand of Candle stick charts & most commonly used Chart Patterns.
  2. Understanding of statistical overlays – Bollinger bands, RSI, Simple & Exponential moving averages.
  3. Introduction to algorithmic trading & assessment of trades undertaken by HNI’s, FII’s, Mutual Fund companies.
  4. Understanding of bulk deals vs block deals & its impacts.
  5. Q&A, as per individual’s trading philosophies.

Download PDF Copy of Course Coverage Document

General Consulting & Other Subscription Based Services – Click To Download a PDF Copy

Mentor’s Note:

Learnings in stock markets must come with a deep sense of understanding to effectively implement. Only when you learn Investing as a skill set, it can be bear an effect across your financial decisions. Every person is different & has their own patterns of learnings & have their own set of take aways from all that they learn.

Hence in the best interest of leaning – it’s best advised to come prepared for any session with an intention to seek knowledge & understand better by way of reasoning / asking relevant questions. Objective is achieved only when – Face to face conversations leaves a true sense of understanding to my clients & to me – it gives me job satisfaction of being understood. Looking forward to meet you! Thank you!

– Suman Adithya Rao

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